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Conversation with Aron after learning that one of our coworkers has a pet pig :

Me : It’s name is Pig Pig.

Aron : That’s a stupid name for a pig.

Me : I know, right? Obviously the best pig name is Bacon.

Aron : No, a good pig name would be Albert. Or Alfred. I can’t decide.

Me : What?! Those are people names. Not pig names.

Aron : Or Swines McGee.

Me : We are not naming our pig Swines McGee. Its name is bacon.

Aron : Wait, our pig? When did we decide that we’re getting a pig?

Me : Well, obviously we’re not getting one now if you think that Alfred is a good pig name.

Aron : Yeah, that’s why.

And now we can’t have a pet pig. Because Aron is unreasonable, and doesn’t know how to properly name a pig.